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Thread: bug - number of PA

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    bug - number of PA

    I just play against player in arena and he was starting each round with:
    - 8PA
    - 12 PA
    - 16PA

    He had only one player with the skill "report 2 PA not used for the next round", so I guess there is a bug...
    If you have only one monster with this skill, you should not be able to reach more than 12PA...
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    Anyway, the max you can reach at the beginning is 10 (basically the max) + 2*3 (if all of your players have the skill "report 2 PA not used for the next round"), so the max should be 16 right?
    Some players start with more than that.

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    The new update is ready for download. Due to the known AP/PA bug (now fixed) it's difficult to comment on what might have occurred in the battle you reference. However, AMP items can also add AP, so 16, while unlikely, is possible.

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