Save the universe 3 minutes at a time!

DASH GALACTIC is a sci-fi inspired, multiplayer action shooter, one of the hottest for mobile. Teams of three fight the evil TOXON Corporation in real-time co-op adventures. Missions are randomly generated, and the unique loot system rewards good teamwork with improved equipment for better stats and new abilities. Customize your heroes in the Barracks to show off to your teammates, then synch up your powerful Synergy attacks to take out the toughest enemies.


  • F2P Sci-Fi Action Adventure
  • Live 3-Player Co-Op with Offline Play
  • Collectable Items for Customization
  • Use Powerful Synergy Abilities
  • Unique Loot System that Rewards Teamwork
  • Never Miss Out on a Cool Item!

Join Dash, last of the Galactic Knights; EMMA 10, the one-woman assault force; Xeno, the mysterious alien ninja; and a larger cast of Heroes as they battle TOXON Corp. for the fate of the universe.

For more game details, screenshots and update visit the official DASH GALACTIC website.