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Thread: Temple Defender bug

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    Temple Defender bug

    I had the bug that Temple Defender targeted the Emma 10 bot for ''charging at someone'' but Emma 10 didn't get near any stone pillar. Because of that I could not damage him. (Dash-Bot managed to damage a view times allthough he was immune to damage but stopped doing anything later).
    Also there is sometimes the bug that the Synergy move does not come off. Sometimes the animation starts but no rockets come out (I am mainly playing Emma 10 so I don't know about the others) or the animation does not start at all. At first I thought it was because I got disrupted by the enemy but it happened without taking damage a couple of times now.
    I have no clue why the bugs did happen and I think I won't be able to ''recreate'' the bug with the Temple Defender.

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    Hey Saftpresse! Thank you for the reports of misbehaving AI and synergy bugs. We're on 'em!

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