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    Lightbulb ..::: Suggestion Alliance Ranking System :::..

    Currently alliances are ranked based on number of cups gathered by members.

    I suggest ranking them based on raids completed. Or a mix of both with emphasis on raids. This will encourage longtime long-gone players to get back to raiding if there's an incentive and an accomplishment involved. Currently old alliances are experiencing lack of interest from players due to repetitiveness and random rewards.

    I suggest having also a season for alliance raids and at the end of the season based on the score achieved through raid completion you guys give out rewards you see fit. This will surely make raiding exciting again for veteran players.

    Oh well this has become two suggestions, rank guilds based on raid completion and make a raiding season with rewards waiting for winners. That would be the short version.

    Thank you.
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    The actual alliance ranking is cool but the "alliance all-stars ranking" (the ranking of the previous week) is totally useless.
    So maybe we could replace this one by something like described by Jooje

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    Changing and/or adding new systems to Alliances won't be happaning in the next patch, but it's definitely something we'll look into for a future update. So keep the suggestions coming!

    As for the current Alliance rankings, it seems quite useful to us. All-Star rankings reflect the best seasons ever completed. Is not using trophies earned during the season the best way to rank the power of an Alliance? Adding new rewards to the best Alliances is comething we will like to do soon, but bragging rights and personal pride are good too! We will certainly investigate how to use raids completed to rank Alliances, but there are quite a number of variables to account for, making any qualitative ranking judgment very difficult.

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