Two new Heroes, Anchor Annie and TattooYou
PvP is now Enabled
New Hero Collection Screen
Daily Login Rewards Calendar
Enabled Metal suport, should improve performance
Weekly and Monthly Events
Treasure Chests now occasionaly spawn in the battle. Click on them to find some great loot
Added a Season History page to leaderboards
Gift each of your Friends a potion every day
3 New Achievements
New Daily Events for PvP
Many bug fixes

Please Note:
There was an issue in previous version of the game which caused incorrect XP requirements to level up heroes after level 378. You may still experience some bugs (possibly fatal) if you have very high level characters. This issue will be addressed in version 1.06 which we expect to be ready to release this weekend.

Also... we prematurely enabled the Reset for Relics function. I strongly suggest that you do not use it until version 1.06. It works, your game will reset, but you might lose some relics in doing so.