Due to an XP allocation bug, the game quickly became trivial after your heroes reach level 378. We are addressing this issue in version 1.06. While the intimidate impact here is obviously undesirable, we hope you will see this as a positive change as it should make the game challenging and rewarding again.

If you have characters over level 378 or have completed missions with enemies higher than level 378 you will experience the following changes:

You will not lose any heroes you have unlocked.
Your heroes will not lose any evolution levels or rarity levels.

For users with heroes or mission levels completed over level 378: Reset hero level to 378
Skill levels will be reduced to those appropriate for a level 378 hero.
Reset highest mission completed in campaign and elite campaign to 378.
Reset all items over level 378 to be level 378.
Reset level of trails / timed / Crusade missions to 378 if over 378
For users with more than 91 total relics. Total relic count reset to 91. Remove inactive relics first. Users will be given 10 gems for each Active relic removed.
Stars will be recalculated based on Stars you would have earned up to level 378 vs stars spent.

As this change is adversely impacting our most loyal and dedicated users, any player who is affected by this change will receive a lifetime VIP status.