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Thread: [bug] Internet connexion and Crate Drawing

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    [bug] Internet connexion and Crate Drawing


    It seems you remove gems before the drawing.
    I had 2 different use cases yesterday:

    * I had 200 gems, I opened a premium crate, the gems have been removed, the game was frozen and nothing happened.
    * I just a finish a alliance round, the game was loading reward crate, the game was frozen and nothing happened.

    Both I was in my car and my internet connexion was bad.

    You should remove gems/gold/etc in the same time you add an item to the player in your API side.
    In this ways, we will have the item even if there is a timeout or whatever in the game side.

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    The transactions should occur simulataneously, but results are unpredicatable when your internet connection is not stable.

    In the case of the purchase, I suspect that if you did not receive the item, then the operation never reached our server due to your connection issues, so the item inside the crate was never sent to you. In this scenario, when you reboot the app, any gems that appeared to be deducted would be back in your account.

    In the case of the Alliance battle, even if you disconnected at the end of the battle, you should still receive rewards. However, instead of your opening the chest to see the rewards, they would be added directly to your account and could be easily missed if you did not know your exact balances or inventory.

    Unfortunately without screenshots it is difficult for us to verify that any error occurred on our end.

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