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    ..::: Suggestion Chained Crate Spawns :::..

    I wanted to post this for a while but kept on procrastinating, after seeing nopane's message in global chat
    I am finally making the thread.

    Nopane spent 200 gems and only got his existing fighter to level up which he could do himself at no cost.

    I know crates are chance based and buying gems is what keeps the game we love running.

    But there's a workaround that keeps both devs n players happy. A win win for both.

    We can have Chained Crate purchases that would guarantee a premium item or fighter to spawn from one of the boxes.

    Say for example if player is willing to put down 1000 gems and goes for the. X5 Crate purchase (in one go) they will be guaranteed at least one premium item or fighter out of the crates.

    You will suddenly see a good increase in gem purchase. I have seen this work in another game I am regularly playing and both parties are happy this feature was added to the game.

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    As you know, Jooje, the character crate system is relatively new. We'll investigate to see if we can do something similar to the chain crates you describe.

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