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Thread: Question about Voodoo Doll

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    Exclamation Question about Voodoo Doll

    How much is the proc rate . Tooltip says there is a chance . Can you look it up and see the number.

    So far it looks like it is proc'ing 100% . It may be a bug but ppl using it are seeing it go off every single time.


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    Additional info that may help, what I have seen is that voodoo doll procs evey time on all three opposing fighters when it's equipped on cyborg dragon and cyborg dragon uses his AoE attack.

    So mayhaps testing voodoo doll and cyborg combination helps tracks any bugs.

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    Hey Jooje--

    Not sure how this happened, but the Voodoo Doll's chance to apply Shrink is currently set to 100%. We'll fix that shortly. The item should have a 50% chance to apply.

    FYI: With the next update we're planning to improve the stats of all Buff, Weaken, and Expose effects. That change will also affect Voodoo Doll's shrink effect. I should also point out that Shrink can stack with Weaken, making a pretty devastating defensive combo that will only get better when this stat buff gets applied.

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    Glad I could help, waiting for the new changes. Irony is that Weaken was pretty weakened after the major update we had before ,seeing it come back again is good but not like the old days were you would stack weaken on nme fighters rendering them basically powerless.

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    Yeah it was definitely not a fun mechanic when you could reduce all damage to zero. Knowing that you can stack Weakens with Shrink, we'll try to keep the new values within reason.

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    Yep that's a real concern, it already sounds like another op combo to me.

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