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    Immunity trait currently involves taunt/provoke as well. I suggest leaving taunt out of its immunity list. It will still be a pretty powerful trait without taunt immunity.

    It's a bit too powerful atm resisting everything in game.
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    Agreed, Immunity is quite powerful. It doesn't provide 100% resistance to negative effects -- it's 80% I believe -- but we could look into reducing that resistance chance.

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    How about leaving taunt/provoke out of the list of effects immunity works against?

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    Out of 50+ fighters, there's only 3 fighters with Provoke, and 2 with Immunity. Like most fighters in the game, some have advantages over others. I not sure that Provoke is such a problem. Immunity resists ALL negative effects, so to exclude Provoke wouldn't be fair to other fighters who apply different negative effects. I actually think adding Provoke to list of effects Unstoppable prevents makes more sense... but that's not exactly helping your complaint. Reducing the resist chance is the most fair solution.

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    That would work as well. Thanks for the reply

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