GALACTIC DISPATCH - Blasters out and eyes sharp, people! Thank you for participating in the Open Beta. Your feedback and data is invaluable to our development, and we're working hard to make this game kick as much butt as you've been doing for the past few weeks. This month, we've foiled TOXON's plots to bring you in the latest update [version 1.2] -

General Bug Fixes - You fight evil. We fight bugs. We both win.

Facebook Registration Support - Sign up to save the Known Universe and send videos of baby goats to your grandma with the the same account!

Google Play Login Support - Every team needs support to function. You can now connect Dash to your Google Play account and its associated device app-store services!

Achievements - You're making the Universe a better place-- get recognized for it! Thirty Achievements have been added to challenge and reward you for playing.

Dash and co needs your help to save the universe. Join the open beta on Google Play TODAY!