Let me first say that I really like this game, and hope it succeeds. Great concept!

That said, I am running into too many major bugs to really get into it.

Here are a few I've come across so far (emailed some to your support team, but never heard back).

1) for some reason the game won't let me log in between seasons as we are for a day right now. Happened last time too.

2) game is generally extremely slow in loading and switching between screens.

3) season mode in particular results in recurring game crashes. It seems it only will let me go to one battle type prior to crashing.

4) most of the in game upgrades seem to have no effect. I've noticed character rarity, attack threshold upgrades (10, 25, 50,100)etc have no impact on the damage figures

4) I've completed 3 seasons so far and have yet to receive the correct reward, oddly sometimes it is too high, others too low. I have received no relic rewards as an example.

If some of these can get cleaned up, I think you'll have a great game here!