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    Exclamation ...:::BUG Voodoo doll again! :::...

    Voodoo doll had 100 % proc rate bug before patch. It seems to be like 90% now, it procs at least on two enemy fighters out of three when used with cyber Dragons aoe, but that is not the main issue with it after patch.

    Now, if it procs on you, your dmg goes down to zero! Although the icon says reduces dmg by 275 my fighter normally had over 570 dmg but when afflicted by voodoo doll it went down to zero. BTW there was no weaken present.

    Although if my fighter was also afflicted by weaken it would have gone to zero. I thought you guys would test this before releasing patch per conversation we had with Danhaney. Remeber I reminded that weaken plus voodoo doll gets us back to the age where stacking weaken to negate nme dmg was the name of the game? Now exploiting voodoo doll and or voodoo doll plus weaken is.

    Here I have an idea why voodoo doll is reducing dmg to zero. Beside the fact that -275 dmg is a lot to begin with , my guess is that dragonotron's (player fighter) aoe attack animation might be the culprit here.

    It looks to me since his attack animation has multiple aoe swings the voodoo doll gets applied multiple times therefore 275 times two or three is the outcome.

    You should probably look into cyber dragon's attack animation coupled with negative status effects procs.

    On a sidenote, seems to me there's a bit of a shortage on QA power over there on Mars ;-) I could help if I was able to survive on Mars. How are locals treating you, do they bite?
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    Sorry about this, Jooje. While you're a bit off on your reasoning, you have uncovered a couple of issues with weakens & voodoo doll that slipped through the cracks. Looks like cranking up the values revealed some problems with how the values are calculated. We'll get a fix pushed through soon. We're a small team, so thanks for looking out!

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    No problems man, more power to you guys over there at kiz.

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    Hey Dan, I am wondering how is doll's mechanic now? Is it still still 50% dmg reduction? What is the proc rate ? Also can you stack voodoo with weaken ? Result would be 0 dmg when those two stack?

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    I had a chance to encounter dragonotron AI equipped with the doll in elite tourney. When he does his aoe (which has weaken built into it) along with voodoo doll, opposing team's damage gets reduced to zero. Also the weaken debuff icon does not appear, only shrink debuff icon appears but it's clear weaken is also there.

    I suggest changing voodoo doll's effect to somethin else as having it alongside weaken is clearly a fail mechanic. For example when another fighter other than cyborgdragon is equipped with weaken items n the doll and does an aoe attack, you could end up with the same effect, zero dmg.
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    There's an update coming this week that fixes the issue with Weaken + Shrink. Currently, yes, when combined can reduce damage numbers to zero. That was never the intent. When fixed, both effects will reduce the power stat by 50%, and if combined, they will be multiplicative, so the 2nd effect would reduce power by a total of ~75%.

    There's been some discussion in chat regarding which item effect is better, Weaken or Shrink. Weaken items, eg. Bone Charm, can reach a higher chance for the effect to be applied, and additional Weaken items can increase that chance-- but will never reduce power beyond 50%. The Voodoo Doll is different and potentially more powerful because it can stack on other Weaken effects.

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    There would be nothing comparable to doll weaken combO in game Power-wise. They have a name for that ;-b

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