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Thread: Patch 1.14 Comments

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    Patch 1.14 Comments

    From Patch Bot

    TGT 1.14 Patch Notes: (16/08/16)
    Added Siege game mode.
    Added new champions: Emma-V and Xeno.
    Added seasonal game mode rotation.
    Annihilation sudden death now requires the entire opposing team to be eliminated.


    Added Siege game mode
    • Towers shouldn't be effected by damage over time abilities
    • Healing near towers should be reduced to by 60% instead of the 15%. I can tank any tower with sprout/blitz/trip/khan/platimus/ozzelo.
    • Towers target platiumus eggs instead of champs or NPCs attacking it.
    • Last line of defense should be feel as stronger (MORE HP and MORE DAMAGE) than "normal" towers. Sometype of tower base defense should be there.
    • NPCs should hit harder (1.5 times or more) when a base is "open".
    • Currently the fastest way to make money is seige mode

    - Currently champion is ninjette with zero burst damage and squishy
    - Basic attack damage is too low for a 5 star damage champion seriously consider having his basic attack rivaling ninjettes
    - Consider raising damage to slowed enemies by additional 20% or consider applies some other type of burst damage bonus to slowed enemies

    - Currently has two abilities that's not shown in description.
    - Stun duration and burn damage over time effects are not shown in the description.

    - teleport length isn't added to description

    - Currently when in groups of 3s. I have failed matchmake little more often than when i'm in group of 2.
    - I shouldn't be pared against level 11s in as a 40. I would like to play against people who at least have access to tier 3 workouts.

    Final thoughts:
    I still strongly believe TGT should be a 5v5 type of game (no 4v4 at all) especially with the inclusion of seige mode. I am extreremly happy with this mode. And it has brought some players back.
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    New Comments mainly about Siege:

    Skill abilities either should probably only work on tower 1.

    Tower 2 & Core. Only basic attacks and bomb should do damage. There's a few champions that can do considerable damage to towers with skill abilities much faster than other champions.

    Healing next to tower should probably be scaled to down to 75%.

    Minons should be a bit stronger as well 20% more damage. 50% more HP.
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