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Thread: Patch 1.15 Comments

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    Patch 1.15 Comments

    1.15 Patch Notes: (06/09/16)
    • Increased coin and XP rewards for Siege mode.
    • Improved Siege tower targeting behaviour.
    • Siege towers are no longer affected by Damage Over Time skill effects.
    • Updated Xeno's basic attack damage and skill abilities.
    Weekly Seasons is going to be a big changer for the next few months. Lots of coins and people who are semi regulars to the game. Not hard to place top 100 for 75K coins.

    • Siege is currently fastest and best way to level up and gain coins in the game.
    • Powers can still do considerable amount to damage and certain champs can finish matches in less than a minute.
    • I would still like to see HP buff to the minons.
    • A.I really doesn't focus progression towards the towers
    • Towers should only take damage from auto attacks.
    • I can debuff towers attack speed with melody. Cannot confirm if i can defensive debuff towers.

    • Xeno tested against and with a full built ninjette and was able to keep up with damage. While Ninjette as burst damage which equates to ability kill targets. Xeno can still to considerable damage now.
    • I would like to added is a passive to not be able to get stunned. It would be a good for at least 1 offensive champ to avoid the amount of stun champs in the game now.
    • Currently base crit damage is 202% is that a mistake?
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