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Thread: It's now faster an easier to max champions...MATH FOR PROOF

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    It's now faster an easier to max champions...MATH FOR PROOF

    I've complained over and over again and said the gold and prices a way too high. And game only catered to the serious grinders. Now TGT has fixed this issue after doubling all it's workout prices. Here's the Math!!!

    It currently takes 240 games no boosts to max a champion.

    *Not counting badges or cost of champion*

    Let's say you log in for dailies for avg of 9K and get your top 100 for 75K

    9000 x 7 = 63,000.....63 games
    75K end of the week......75 games

    240 (games) - 138 (games) = 102 games

    so let's multiple those games played by standard match of annihilation as the only game mode.

    (102 games x 5mins) / 60mins = 8 hours and 30mins of game play to max a champ.

    Now mind you the fastest modes to make money in now are plunderball and seige (most money possible) and those games can be finished in two minutes or less. and just forget playing one game mode annihilation all together

    (127 games x 2mins) / 60mins = 4 hours and 23mins

    for one maxed champion

    TLDR Version
    It should take about 6 hours to 8 hours (season/daily rewards) to max a champion now if you are a person who places 100 in all 3 the game modes.
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