I was curious if anyone has found more information on how damage is calculated and/or outlined in abilities?
From what I can only assume, and PLEASE correct me and/or add to this effort, that:

1) Every point spent in your hero's main stat increases damage by 1
2) Every point of Strength increases HP by X amount (only an assumption based on trends, tool tip doesn't show for me using the steam client)
3) Every point of Agility increases Speed by X amount
4) Every point of Intelligence increases Resistance (to all?) by X amount

5) An Ability's Damage correlates to it's color (Grey = Physical, Red = Fire, Blue = Cold, etc.)
6) There are Racial Damages that only work vs certain enemies

If anyone has numbers for calculating damage, calculating DPS, Damage mitigation, types/effects of status elements, or anything else that you may think will help would be greatly appreciated!

I personally love what this game is striving to be and what potential it has; though I'm a bit stuck on how to improved my game play progress as I get farther in.