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Thread: My random list of issues/bugs/questions/concerns so far

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    My random list of issues/bugs/questions/concerns so far

    Good Day again,
    I've been playing on the Android version for about a week. I started on the steam version, but figured it was easier to use the android during the day. ANyhow, here are things I've noticed.

    1) I get a popup saying whatever item is for sale in the store. This week, it's been Santa on sale. However, it doesn't appear in the shop anywhere as far as I can tell.

    2) I bought Divinity, as her spell kit looked like it'd be a a nice addition to a team. However, as far as I can tell, her lifetap and heal + lifetap are not working. Any eta on this being fixed, or should I attempt a refund.

    3) The tooltips in the abilities don't match the actual damage. Meaning, when you get to the 25% bonus, it doesn't appear on the ability bar. Minor, I know, but it should be an easy change. I believe it's fixed in the Steam version already.

    4) Along those lines, are the bonus damage (25/50/75) from reaching higher levels of the skill supposed to be cumulative, or is it a generic across the board bonus. Meaning, lets say my ability does 1000 damage at 99, then at 100 it's supposed to do 25% bonus. It is doing 1250 at 100 (well a bit more, 'cause the ability would do like 1013 at level 100). But, the skill says 1013, but the damage on screen will be the 1250. Now fast forward to right before the 50% damage bonus kicks in. Lets say it's at 299 the skill is doing 10000, and actual damage of 12500. Level to 300, the 50% bonus kicks in, and now it's doing 15000. But, if it was cumulative, it should be doing 18250 per.

    5) Is there a chance to add a max buy skill button/option? WHen you reset a level 400 guy (found out this morning) you have a lot of clicking to do. 6 skills, averaging up to 300, well that is annoying as heck.

    6) How about an auto progress option. Like how other idle games are. Because, the way it stands now, this game is very not idle. I did a relic reset at map 48, and spent maybe 6 hours combined getting back to that map. You have to actively do it. Which, again, isn't very idle.
    6a. you could easily do it how other idle games are. You would select an auto loot check on the chest page, and auto progress option. the team would go as far as they can in idle mode, 'until they are defeated. Then it backs down a level and idle farms that as they currently are.

    7) What exactly does the VIP give you? I know a boost in sp/xp (maybe?) and double loots at the end. For idle mode, this sucks(?). Double loot, means your inventory fills up twice as fast. Which gives you half the experience/sp earned per session. So, if the VIP bonus was double sp/xp, it'd break even. If it's less, then you are losing out being a VIP member. Is there a way to turn it off?

    Anyhow, it's a fun game. I would like to interact less with it, not have to actively be tied to it for an hour to get anything done. If any of you reset for relics, you'll see what I mean. Unless I am totally missing something.

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    Oh yeah, part 2.

    8) *minor* The Witch character sits in the back row, and all of her abilities except the snowball fall short. She looks like she is nuking my front row. /shrug

    9)a. So, I reset my relics and picked the 3x damage, and have been walking through the main storyline. As such, I haven't had to swap to anything else to get buffer exp to help level. So, here my team is, almost level 800, and the 3 trials and time events are still at level 10/15. I surely don't feel like clicking 800 times (per event) to make them feasable. I can run through them at level 10, but it's a waste. How about putting a +10/+100 option there. Or, have them scale up similar to the Crusade event.

    9)b. Along the same lines, I haven't had the need to do the Elite missions. So, they are stuck at level 1. I can say there's maybe a 5% chance that I want to leave map 99 and go to elite map 1 and start clearing them out. My suggestion would be to have them unlock as the main map is cleared. So, say you clear map 5, well then elite map 5 is unlocked for play. It might be too hard before some relics/resets have happened, but that's not a worry.

    9)b.1 Similarly, the next reset I may do, would be to get the 3X Exp. Which means your team will level 3x as fast (not exactly, I know it gets exponentially higher). But, for the sake of argument, vanilla, no resets, at level 5 on map 3, you might need to repeat a level or 2. First reset with DPS picked, I haven't had to re-do any levels, I am pretty on par or over matched for the maps. With the 3X exp, I (we) will definitely be over damage capable and over leveled on every map. This just is another point of mine to think about the auto progression option. Because it's going to be boring (maybe?) to be out damaging out leveling the maps.

    Anyhow, like I said before I like the game, it has a lot of potential. It is not very idle, I'd like to see it more like the "standard" idle clicker games out there.

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