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Thread: Lost Jewel Keys and Money

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    Lost Jewel Keys and Money

    First, sorry for my english ^^

    My problem is : After the update today, i've lost all my jewels, my keys and all my money ...
    I've lost my expend inventory too ... 3, so 150 jewels ...

    I hope it's just a bug and it will be repair.

    Edit : In fact, the bug is that nothing is keep when i fight (money) or finish challenge (jewel).
    Everything is reset when i reconnect.
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    Same problems with a LOT of people, been playing the game for 16 hours, bought my first new character and got VIP status forever only to have it removed the day after, complete joke, no customer support what so ever.

    Added info,

    Just logged in again 5 minutes ago and everything from my account has now vanished, gold, keys, gems, SP, experience.
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    Been looking into what all is going wonky while it still isn't fixed:

    - Everything seems to reset when game closes,
    - If you have ranked before the patch but aren't in the season yet you can still claim rewards for past seasons,
    - What is on your heroes should stay where it is even after closing and reloading,
    - Daily bonus will reset, mostly will give Legacy Dagger of a variety, which will remain in inventory,
    - Relics were kept, active and dorment; along with hero tokens; both before and after patch.
    - (Same as above posts) No VIP, No Inventory upgrades, No Gold (unless earned again), No Gems, No stars

    Personal Opinion this seems like a server error, and (fingers crossed for things being fixed. But...) if we can't get our stuff back, those that did purchases through the game should still have a transaction record to back things up.

    Hope that help will arrive soon and fix this problem or at least a notification of how to roll back our data to follow.
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    seems like it is 90% fixed now, all im waiting for is my VIP status back thens it is 100% fixed.

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