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Thread: PvP Matchmaking

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    PvP Matchmaking

    I was just matched in pvp with someone who was at least 6 levels higher than me, I kind of feel I would rather not be matched with such an unfair advantage haha.

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    That's a bug. We have a fix going in for that in the next update, which should be in the next couple days.

    Sorry about that!

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    I've been getting this bug but where it's matched me up against player that are 10 levels about my hero's

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    Hmm. Next time that happens, can you take a screenshot of it and post it to this thread? It will help us track it down and get it resolved faster.

    The matchmaker is a system that we will be continually refining.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Ridiculous matching

    I'm sick of being matched with players far above me, I get slaughtered and then can't play for's making the game unbearable not to mention I am yet to manage a legendary from the arena quest.

    Please see attached for proof of matching issue, this is just one of many times.
    Hello Sweetie

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    As you win arena battles, you will be matched against higher level opponents. When you lose, you will get matched against lesser opponents than you faced in your previous battles. We will be continually refining the matchmaker to keep all your battles competitive.

    Beating higher level opponents is often a good challenge. Please bear with us as we're still working on balancing the threshold where matches become untenable.

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    Well it would be a 'good challenge' if there wasn't a 16min wait time once you've been obliterated. This is making the game unbearable I have 0 chance of getting a legendary because I simply lose all my purples once I've gained them.

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    I can understand be matched against higher bots but when it comes to real player I'm still getting matched against higher level heros I will definitely take a screen shot off it next time

    Being matched against the same player 4 times with there hero's being 2 L44 and 1 L48 I'm using 2 41 and 1 L43 I'm sick of it
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