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    Recent Update

    Hey guys,

    After the latest update my game won't load, I tried clearing the cache, force stopping and uninstall/reinstall but still no luck. The bar appears 1/4 of the way along the loading bar and doesn't progress.

    Hello Sweetie

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    We have shut down the server for an update. It will be back up very soon. We are just waiting on Google to update their version.

    Thanks!! Sorry for the delay. We will have a better way of communicating these situations in this update.

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    Awesome looking forward to it

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    The update should now be live. Thanks for your patience!!!

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    Ok let's start I love this game but after the update I've noticed that gems in both pvp and pve have gone 5 pvp matches and no gems same with pve what gives this has slowed the game right down
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    yep. that's a bug. we will patch it out tomorrow. sorry & thanks for playing!!

    UPDATE @ 3/20/14 12pm EST: The chest & gems bug is now fixed. It was a server fix, so no new client required.

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