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    Evade Chance

    Just a quick question about evades. I chose an evade character and tried to add evade chances with the items. I got it to around 50% chance but he still takes most of the damage. I'm not sure if the item is different from the characters trait.. So was just wondering? Or are the evade items not worth putting on a character really?

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    The legendary evade item has a 20% chance to evade direct attacks. Note that, if you stack 3 of them on one character, it's not a 60% chance to evade on a single dice roll, but a 20% chance to evade on each of 3 dice rolls. Hope that makes sense...

    It's still worth stacking them (in my opinion) if you're looking for an evading tank character, which is what it sounds like you're trying to set up.

    Another good use of evade items is to put them on a bomb goblin, combined with a time warp item. That allows you to prime the bomb a couple times each round while evading until you have enough AP to really do some high damage. It's a high risk strategy, but it's pretty fun when it pays off. When primed 9 times, the bomb goblin can do roughly 6000 damage to all enemies. That's why you always kill the bomb goblin first!

    The best tank setup may be the Goblin King (Big Chief), equipped with evade items. He has an AOE provoke that forces all enemies to attack him, but can then evade those attacks...

    Hope that helps!

    EDIT: Stacking identical items has been removed to improve game balance. You are still able to stack items within the same chain of effects.

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    Thanks for replying and giving me ideas! It makes me want to try the bomb guy.. Because I never saw the point.. When I came up against one in battle I took him out first and it damages his allies more than me when it goes off haha.
    Goblin king thing sounds cool.. Do You just stack all evades? Or add a health boost or damage absorb also?

    It's interesting the fact you can setup your character the way you want, very interesting game!
    Thank you again!

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