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Thread: Might & Mayhem Patch Notes

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    Might & Mayhem Patch Notes

    The latest patch notes for Might & Mayhem can always be located here:
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    The patch notes have been updated for Version 1.17 as of 3:20 EST.

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    I can understand the forcing disconnect but since the update I've been getting stuck on loading screen going into arena giving me no choose but to force close now doing this I lose my hero's and trophies

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    We are working on tracking down the disconnect & loading bugs so hopefully this will not be an issue in the future. Thanks for your patience!

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    New patch notes have been posted. Version 1.29 should be live in a few hours.

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    The patch notes for version 1.30 have been posted. The app should be live on both Google Play and the App Store shortly, if not already.

    While this is not yet the Alliance update, this update was necessary to make Alliances possible. We have created most of the Alliance functionality and art, and are now putting all the pieces together and starting the internal testing process. There will likely be one more small content update in another month or so, and the Alliance update will follow that.

    Stay patient, Might & Mayhem-ers! We are doing all we can to keep more improvements and more content coming for you. And we promise, Alliances will be here before you know it!

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    Sure enough, Jooje. We've been working on some networking issues, but didn't notice the patch notes vanishing as a result. That should be resolved shortly. Thanks!

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    Hey all--

    The new patch notes have been posted. Update 1.34 has been approved and should be arriving any time now!

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    As of 6pm EST, we're still waiting for the new build to post on the App Store. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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    To address some of the chatter in chat (nailed it!), a quick note on the recent ability changes:

    The main goal was to normalize status effects, so they would behave in a more understandable and predictable fashion. For example, there should be no more heals for 0, which will hopefully make healers more effective. Along the way, we tried to spruce up some underused fighters to help them keep up. I am 100% confident that we did not do a perfect job with these changes, but the system needed a overhaul, so this is the result... for now.

    So give us your feedback! We are listening. I encourage you all to get engaged here, on the forums. It can be hard for us to keep up and engage with in-game chat. The forums are the best place to get answers when you are wondering what the heck we are thinking. Thanks for playing!

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