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Thread: Update eta

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    Update eta

    Just would like to know if there is an eta on the new update and any possible information on what we can expect.

    Love this game to bits

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    Hi Sora!

    We're hard at work on the next update right now & it should be ready for release next week.

    Upcoming features (Short List):

    - In-Battle Emoticons for PvP Battles
    - Castle Level 9
    - 2 New Characters
    - Plus a lot more!

    We will also be releasing the game to a wider audience, so we should see an influx of new players. After this update, we will start integrating the events and alliance systems. We're really excited to get those in, but need to get all this other stuff in first. Events will add over 20 characters to the game and a lot of interesting abilities!

    We are super grateful to all the existing players for providing so much feedback and all the bug reports! We are a fairly small team & it has helped us refine the systems a great deal and has also allowed us to better understand how the game should evolve, so thanks to everyone for the support!! We are very excited about the future of this game!!


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    Omg can not wait for the new content next week more players and events alliances lots to look forward to

    For a small team you guys a doing wonderful things to m&m will continue to support you guys and the game for a long time to come keep the awesome work up
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    Sounds awesome!!!!
    Great job developers

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    Any word on this week's update or if it's still going to happen sorry to be impatient seeing what is coming has me super psyched :-)
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    It's pretty close. We're just working on some final tweaks. Should be going up in a few hours!

    And if all goes well, we'll be welcoming the Canadians by early next week!

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