First of all I would like to thank you for the effort that you make about the game, your staff is friendly and they allways respect the game community. Now,some of the issues that I've identified together with some of other players comments are :

-while attacking with scorch to one target,the attack looks like it hits another target but the damage still goes to the targeted opponent.

-the rusty blade of doc lockjaw does for every round additional poison damage,for example round 2->150 poison damage,round 3->300 poison damage,round 4->450 poison damage and so on.I don't know but Im not sure if it should work like that.

-the arena infinite countdown is still an issue,it occurs less often now though.

-some other players said that they lost 30 points,while the winner only got 1.

-it happened to me twice to see the blacksmith and sir knight with extremely high attack without any power ups/equipments that increase attack (attack over 320/350)

These are the issues I can remember right now,if I see something else I'll report it again.Thanks again