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Thread: bugs/issues after new update

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    bugs/issues after new update

    First of all I would like to thank you for the effort that you make about the game, your staff is friendly and they allways respect the game community. Now,some of the issues that I've identified together with some of other players comments are :

    -while attacking with scorch to one target,the attack looks like it hits another target but the damage still goes to the targeted opponent.

    -the rusty blade of doc lockjaw does for every round additional poison damage,for example round 2->150 poison damage,round 3->300 poison damage,round 4->450 poison damage and so on.I don't know but Im not sure if it should work like that.

    -the arena infinite countdown is still an issue,it occurs less often now though.

    -some other players said that they lost 30 points,while the winner only got 1.

    -it happened to me twice to see the blacksmith and sir knight with extremely high attack without any power ups/equipments that increase attack (attack over 320/350)

    These are the issues I can remember right now,if I see something else I'll report it again.Thanks again

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    Hi Zeking!

    Thanks for the detailed report! We hope to get these issues knocked out soon and patched up.


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    Yes, thanks for the report, Zeking, and thanks for being so nice about it!

    We're definitely going to look at all these issues, but I did want to talk about Poison first of all. Those big numbers were part of the issue when we changed how timed status effects were working in Update 17. In that update we changed them so instead of combining numbers, the status effects inherited only the larger number. That was great for dialing back the power of something like Wounded, but unintentionally made Poison way too weak, because it wasn't allowing item effects to combine on a single attack. So we ended up reverting back to the old method in Update 18.

    However, we plan on implementing a hard rule for status effects in the next big update. Some of these rules may already be in effect, like for untimed effects (like Weaken, Buff, or Enrage, where using an ability removes the effect) the numbers combine up to the their maximum stacks, no matter if the effects came from multiple characters or items.

    For timed effects, the numbers will combine when multiple effects are on one character, but won't double the effect on a 2nd attack from a single character. For example, a Goblin Medic with the Nature's Fury item will combine Poison damage from both Rusty Blade and the item effect. But his next attacks will not add to the original poison. However, if a Fire Drake with Nature's Fury attacks an enemy already poisoned by the Goblin Medic, the Poison damage from the 2 characters would combine.

    Specifically regarding the example you sited, each round the Goblin Medic poisons, the damage would never increase. However, each new Rusty Blade attack would refresh the round stacks. So in short, if a Poison status effect already exists, a new Poison inherits the highest numbers. Since Rusty Blade damage is the same each round, the damage does not increase, but it will regain the maximum round stacks. If a 2nd character with Poison attacks, the target would get a 2nd Poison status effect, thus combining Poisons from both characters.

    On a separate note, though he'll be busy working on fixing some of these bugs, I'm going to try to get Ridil onto the Trophy/Leaderboard thread soon to discuss how and why that system functions the way it does.

    Regarding the Blacksmith / Sir Knight issue, do you recall what allies they had on their team, Zeking? Is it possible either one had a Buff or Enrage you didn't notice beforehand? Thanks again!
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    Well I dunno what kept me from taking a screen shot,I dont really remember and it didnt happen to see that again ever since.I am pretty sure there was no effect because I was looking at it again and again.About the poison now,it looks to me way too strong,why? Lets say that weve got the goblin,the goblin will do by the 5th round 450 damage (only from the poison effect) in every start and end of turn,so in total 900 damage,at the next round if he uses it again the effect will be 600 poison damage...Maybe if you increase the ap cost for the skill from 2 to 5 it would be ok.Everything looks fine to me but that and the same equipment x2 effect.Ive seen the discription in a lot of games and it says "only one effect is applied when two of the same item "x" are equiped".Thats only a suggestion the game is yours and you make the rules XD (thanks for replying)

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    yeah we'll also be adjusting how often the Poisons tick. Currently it ticks for 8 rounds, which is way too many. It will be adjusted down to 4 rounds, but we might need to nudge up the Poison damage it applies in a single round to keep it balanced.

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