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Thread: Show Your Colours

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    Show Your Colours

    Hey guys,

    Just to make this all a bit more interesting and fun, here's a challenge replicate your banner and name in any way you want and post it here
    Let's build up this community and have some fun
    Here's mine, completed in fine glitter and art pen

    Kind Regards,
    Hello Sweetie

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    That's awesome! Thanks RiverSong!

    If anyone has an idea for a new flag, post it here and we might just put it in the game!!

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    Just a suggestion can you guys do up a flag for the veteran players something to tell other players we are veteran lol

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    Sure can. Any ideas?

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    A flag that stands out a flag that screams veteran something that's says veteran of M&M design is not my strong side lol could have a gold or platinum glow to it
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    How about a flag with a dragon breathing fire and in the fire it says M&M veteran :P

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    We will get a new veteran player flag into the game with the next update. It will probably be linked to castle level 9.


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