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    Event Preview - Screenshots!

    Hi all! We have been hard at work on the next update and plan to release the core of the event system along with several other fixes and features. Can't give an exact date on the next release, but we're all hoping to get it out by the end of the month!

    Thanks again for all the great feedback and bug reports!!

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    Wow awesome can not wait just one question will the Wolf become a playable hero at all

    The devs have truly out did them selves with this event update big pat on the back
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    Wow that looks purely awesome, I hope the werewolf will be a playable character

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    Hi! Yes, all event characters will be playable.

    We are probably going to launch the system with 2 or 3 events, but are preparing for 7 or 8 events to be in rotation soon after the initial release.

    It will eventually add 30+ characters to the game and should help relieve the monotony that veteran players are starting to experience. The initial system will rotate event sets in 3 day intervals, cycling through the enemies & content.

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    Think I have died and gone to a better place omg can not wait for all these events and new characters give give me let me at them so looking forward to all this goodness keep the awesome work up you have a player for life in me.

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    Any news on the update, I barely play at the moment but want to get back into this awesome game

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    Hey all... the update should be out any day now. All the content is done. We're just cleaning up and working out the kinks. So stay tuned!

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