Here are a few easy-to-follow rules to help us maintain a happy, healthy, slightly deranged community.

No Advertising or Spam
Posting advertisements, spam messages, chain letters and pyramid schemes is probably the most annoying thing on the planet. These posts are strictly prohibited, and all offenders will get the proverbial boot.

No Flaming
We don't tolerate any bullying, racist or sexual comments, defamation, discrimination or harassment of any kind. Great communities are built on respect, so treat each other well and look out for each other. If you come across any haters, trolls or other virtual ne'er do wells, let a moderator know.

No Offensive Content
This is a place to talk about games, ideas, and everything Kiz Studios. It is NOT a place for offensive language, profanity, sexual, racist or discriminatory content, or anything else that is otherwise offensive. This applies to posts, usernames, titles, signatures, images (including your profile image), links; basically everything. Just remember, have fun, but keep it clean!

No Cross Posting
In order to keep things nice and tidy, please don't post a thread in more than one place. If you have any questions about where to post, just ask a moderator.

Don't post any personal information
For your own safety, please don't post contact numbers, email addresses, passwords, your home address or your real name. Also, don't ask anyone else for their personal information.

Basically, just be cool
Ah, wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone would just be cool? Well, let's try to carve out our own little space where we can all have fun and be excellent to each other. Isn't that a nice thought?

If you're not being cool:
If you can't follow these rules, penalties will be enforced at the moderation team's discretion. We don't like banning people, but we will do it, so don't push your luck.

Anyway, enough with the rules, go have fun!