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Thread: Healer Stalemates??

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    Healer Stalemates??

    Currently sitting here, watching two blacksmiths bonk each other on the head like some never ending game of whack-a-mole. I can probably add some numbers for support, but currently this battle will last forever.

    It turns out (at least at the first evolution, with no items) that any blacksmith level 37 or greater, fighting another blacksmith 37 or greater, will result in a stalemate. Based on my quick calculations for evolution 1, a level 1 blacksmith can only be killed by a blacksmith level 3 or greater, a gap of two levels. By level 10, that gap has increased to five levels. At level 25, the gap is 9 levels. You get the picture.

    Dont know if this applies to other healer classes as well, since abilities may make a difference.
    My connection timed out around the 95th round.


    My two questions are:

    How does the game currently handle stalemates?
    Is there an upper limit on rounds?

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    Hey Suburban--

    So you hit the nail on the head there-- the Blacksmith stalemates are one of the reasons why some character abilities are changing. Spoiler alert! Blacksmith is losing the Self Heal on Vital Hammer, and instead will Injure his targets. So at the very least, that should eliminate those Blacksmith standoffs.

    Battles will end at round 99 or 100, so your goal should be to win before that happens.

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