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Thread: Little "Bugs"

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    Little "Bugs"

    Guard Bots Guards Skill the bubble animation doesnt move along with the attacking hero, instead it stays at the same position where it got casted at.
    Also Bandit Girls Bandit Blitz skill doesnt seem to apply the debuff at the tutorial stages (lvl 1-2) normally an icon appears below the opponent. However after the tut it's working as expected.

    Btw awesome game, first game made me registering only to report bugs keep up the great work!

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    Hey MrTeddison, thanks for the report, and glad you're enjoying the game!

    In most cases we prefer the shield to stay at the original position. They really only move with the character on Stone Warlock's Stone Spikes shield, and that's something we'd like to update in the future. We're actually updating the Guard Bot in the next update, as well as the shield effect, and making sure it stays where it was cast is something we're actively trying to make happen!

    Re Bandit Blitz, most status effects like the Injury debuff are disabled in the tutorial battles to keep things simple early on.

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