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    Heres the scenario. Base damage 400. Crit damage is another 300. Attacker gets a critical attack.
    If the target has 405 hitpoints, 700 is displayed as the damage onscreen.
    If the target has 395 hitpoints, 400 is displayed.
    This is consistent with any "exposed" (melt armor, repulsive) effects.

    1) 605 hp, exposed 200, damage displayed is 1100
    2) 595 hp, exposed 200, damage displayed is 600



    Trait for Bolt Bot\Tilt claims 50% chance for 100% protection from area attacks.
    If Tilt\Bolt Bot is exposed, he is guaranteed to be hit for the exposed amount on an area attack?

    I ask again, intended?


    When banditron gets "frozen" (Spear of Bandaku) during his shred attack, he disappears! He reappears when the frozen debuff wears off.
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