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    Ok, forgive me, but im not sure I follow.
    Quote Originally Posted by DanHaney View Post
    Round 3:
    1 Prime Crater: ATK 119 (85 + 34)
    Prime II: Increases ATK by 48
    Prime Status Effect: ATK increased by 34

    Round 5:
    2 Prime Crater: ATK 153 (85 + 68)
    Prime II: Increases ATK by 62
    Prime SE: ATK increased by 68
    If the prime tooltip says it should be increased by 48, why is only 34 applied?
    Each of the status effects is increasing by 34 (68 = 2 * 34, 102 = 3 * 34)

    Just looked over this thread. Someone on your development team is going to hate me for the laundry list Ive dumped here

    Shout out to Dan - thanks for all the regular input! Its great being in a game wherd the community voices are actually heard.

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    Yeah, sorry I did not address the Prime ability tooltip. It's clearly incorrect. We're working on a number of things right now that will ultimately remove any of these tooltip inconsistencies.

    Like I said before, any and all feedback is been awesome, so don't hesitate to keep pouring it on!

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