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Thread: Applied enrages?

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    Applied enrages?

    So this ones a touch tricky to articulate correctly, hope ive done the job.

    There are currently 2 abilities that apply enrage to the target.

    Infernus, Lava Blast
    Brute, Angry Bash (noted that this is removed upon evolution to Brute/Angry Bash II)

    Quote Originally Posted by DanHaney View Post
    In short, an Expose item would have its effect reduced by Weaken, but an Expose that is part of an ability, like Executioner's Bash II, is not currently affected by Weaken.
    Noticed today if the target is weakened, the amount applied is reduced. This can get extreme enough that a character can be enraged for 0!

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    Yeah, these applied Enrages are a new thing. I don't think this is exactly the intended result, but there's a number of different factors involved in how this works, so it might have to be. The design team will need to discuss this one.

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