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    Evade Junk

    Okay so I've been getting flawless every match except for evade junkies, evade stack one guy and win the game, gmode op. One example, just lost a match, slaughtered two of his guys, without losing as much as 5% hp, dodge after dodge cant hit his last troop because he just stacked all dodge, 30 rounds later, his guy wins the game killing all three of mine. Bull****? I think so. Atleast run a cap on evade or make it so that it cant dodge effects with no damage, evade is supposed to just dodge direct attacks right? Well it dodges pretty much everything. Make it so you cant evade DoT like poison and effects like stun, right now its too freakin op. Evading direct damage is reasonable enough.

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    If not I'll just run 9 evade items on my chars. Save me the trouble and the trollage.

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    Unfortunately this trollish strategy has been around for a while. We're working on a lot of internal changes to how the game functions, as part of the larger Alliance update, and one of those will be changing how area abilities work. In the current system, AoE attacks against a single character are treated like single target attacks, meaning they can be evaded. This will be changing. But unfortunately that change is not part of today's update.

    At current, the best way to deal with evaders & stacked evade items is to try and land a stun at the start of the round, as stunned characters cannot evade.

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    Well with an item that gives 90 resistance item chance, op is op. Evade should dodge damage but not effects such as dot, stuns, sleeps etc. for that they could get helmet anyway. Thats just my 2 cents, because evade is crazy op, in my opinion, you can basically godmode with all vade items, especially if you have a passive that can ressurect after 3 rounds etc, flawless lol.

    Evade > Cleanse, HP, Damage, Helmet effect avoid.

    Must change troll attribute.

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