I used to enjoy getting great rewards after many hard fought battle in challenge modes.
However, after the hotfix, about 50% of my game are ruined due to disconnection or bug caused app termination.
As a results, I am 3 fighters short and lost the battle I could have won.
This last game, when I knocked out a second enemy while my team are all above 80%hp, the game terminated unexpectedly. Nothing enrages me more than losing a perfect game like this. I almost wanted to smash the phone on the wall.

I play the game to release some pressure. I even spend some money to unlock fighters and be able to play challenge mode. But with hot fix punishing me for having bad connection or bug problem, it seriously discourage me from playing or spending more money to buy gem for challenge mode.

Sigh... I dont know if anyone out there have the same problem as I do.

Thank you KizStudio for creating such good game, but please remove/undo/replace this hotfix with better solution soon.