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Thread: Newbie looking for friends

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    Newbie looking for friends

    Hey all. I just started playing this amazing game recently and having a blast but I did encounter 1 problem; finding and adding friends... I was pretty disappointed it did not have a friend finder feature as lack of such feature often makes it rather hard to get friends and it is important in my opinion as some quests require u to have friends. But that is that ^^ I decided to post my friend code on forum/fb page in hope to get friends but was pretty surprised to find that friend code is not permanent and changes every time u look into your friends list soooo is there a way at all to get friends in this game if u don't actually have real life friends that plays it.

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    Hi Yugi,

    Have you tried posting in the chat? We've noticed that this is the method a lot of players are using to add each other. If you wish to be proactive you could go ahead and add people by tapping on their name in the in-game chat and selecting "Add to Friends". You should see a pending friend request pop up on your friends list. Hope this helps and good luck!
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