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Thread: Localization!

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    Talking Localization!

    Hey everyone--

    We realize that some concepts in Might & Mayhem might not be clear to those players who do not speak English natively. While we are beginning to explore ways to distribute the game in more languages, both the size of our team and the structure/complexity of the game won’t make the process quick and easy. So we wanted to start our efforts here, in the forums.

    While we have a number of ideas to make understanding the game basics easier to non-English speakers, our first plan is the release of a -->public document<-- explaining the abilities of equipped Items.

    We encourage players who can read & write both English and another language to begin commenting, editing, or adding their own translations to the Item ability descriptions.

    Based on your feedback, we will continue to adjust the format of this document and/or add more game docs to help build off this start. The more translations we can get here, the easier it will be for us to distribute localized versions of the game in the near future.

    We’re all big fans of Google Translate (, so please make liberal use of it to help us all understand each other a little better! Thanks!

    PS - We're posting this text below in a few different languages-- sorry if we've missed yours! Please feel free to help us out and add it below! This is an ongoing project. Any help you can provide will be invaluable!
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    Ci rendiamo conto che alcuni concetti di Might & Mayhem potrebbero non essere chiaro a quei giocatori che non parlano l'inglese in modo nativo. Mentre stiamo cominciando ad esplorare modi per distribuire il gioco in piu lingue, sia la dimensione del nostro team e la struttura / complessita del gioco non rendera il processo semplice e veloce. Cosi abbiamo voluto iniziare i nostri sforzi qui, nei forum.

    Mentre abbiamo una serie di idee per fare capire le basi del gioco piu facile per chi non parla inglese, il nostro primo progetto e il rilascio di un documento pubblico che spiega le capacita di oggetti equipaggiati. Segui il link nei forum per visualizzare il documento.

    Incoraggiamo i giocatori che sanno leggere e scrivere sia in inglese e un'altra lingua per iniziare a commentare, la modifica o l'aggiunta di loro traduzioni alle descrizioni capacita voce.

    In base al vostro feedback, continueremo a regolare il formato di questo documento e / o aggiungere piu documenti di gioco per aiutare a costruire fuori questo inizio. I piu traduzioni possiamo arrivare, piu facile sara per noi di distribuire le versioni localizzate del gioco in un prossimo futuro.

    Siamo tutti grandi fan di Google Translate (, quindi si prega di fare libero uso di esso per aiutare tutti noi capiamo un po 'meglio! Grazie!

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    Мы понимаем, что некоторые понятия в Меча и Mayhem может быть не ясно тем игрокам, которые не говорят по-английски изначально. В то время как мы начинаем исследовать способы распространения игру в более языках, как размер нашей команды и структуры / сложность игры не сделает процесс быстрым и легким. Таким образом, мы хотели, чтобы начать наши усилия здесь, в форумах.

    Хотя у нас есть ряд идей, чтобы сделать понимание Основы игры легче, чтобы не говорящих по-английски, наш первый план выпуск официального документа, объясняя способности оборудованных пунктах. Перейдите по ссылке в форумах для просмотра документа.

    Мы призываем игроков, которые могут читать и писать по-английски и на другом языке, чтобы начать комментируя, редактирование или добавление свои переводы с описаниями пункт способностей.

    Основываясь на вашей обратной связи, мы будем продолжать корректировать формат этого документа и / или добавить больше игры документы, чтобы помочь построить с этого старта. Чем больше переводов, мы можем получить здесь, легче будет для нас, чтобы распределить локализованных версий игры в ближайшем будущем.

    Мы все большие поклонники Google Translate (, поэтому, пожалуйста, либеральное использование его, чтобы помочь всем нам понять друг друга немного лучше! Спасибо!

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    Nos damos cuenta de que algunos conceptos en Might & Mayhem podrian no ser claro para aquellos jugadores que no hablan Ingles nativa. Si bien estamos comenzando a explorar formas de distribuir el juego en mas idiomas, tanto el tamano de nuestro equipo y la estructura / complejidad del juego no va a hacer el proceso rapido y facil. Asi que queriamos comenzar nuestro esfuerzo aqui, en los foros.

    Mientras que tenemos una serie de ideas para hacer entender los fundamentos del juego mas facil de los que no hablan Ingles, nuestro primer plan es la liberacion de un documento publico que explica las habilidades de objetos equipados. Siga el enlace en los foros para ver el documento.

    Invitamos a nuestros jugadores que saben leer y escribir tanto en Ingles y otro idioma para comenzar comentando, editar o anadir sus propias traducciones de las descripciones de habilidad articulo.

    Con base en sus comentarios, vamos a seguir para ajustar el formato de este documento y / o anadir mas docs juego para ayudar a construir fuera de este principio. Los mas traducciones que pueden llegar hasta aqui, mas facil sera para nosotros distribuimos versiones localizadas del juego en un futuro proximo.

    Todos somos grandes fans de Google Translate (, asi que por favor hacer un uso liberal de la misma para ayudar a todos nosotros entendemos un poco mejor! Gracias!

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    我们认识到,在强权和混乱的一些概念可能不是很清楚,这些球员谁不说英语本身。当我们开始探讨如何分配比赛 更多的语言,我们的团队的大小和结构/游戏的复杂性不会使过程轻松快捷。所以我们想在这里开始我们的努力,在论坛中。

    虽然我们有一些想法,使了解游戏基础更容易的非英语的人,我们的第一个计划是一份公开文件解释装备项目的能 力的释放。按照论坛的链接,查看文档。


    根据您的反馈,我们将继续调整本文件的格式和/或增加更多的游戏文档,以帮助建立这一关开始。更多的翻译,我们可以在这里,越容易将是为我们分发游戏的本 地化版本,在不久的将来。


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    Hey Dan,

    Forgive me if I am pointing out the obvious, but there are several companies that can take care of this for you. Perhaps cost is an issue...

    I'm a product manager and worked on reasonably large project for Marvel Studios a few years ago. It was a comic-book app with several Augmented Reality mini-games, and they wanted 11 localizations for both the text of the comic and, obviously, instructions on how to play the mini-games. I can't remember the name of the company that Marvel referred us to, but they did an excellent job and made the entire process fairly easy. The only delay/challenge was finding appropriate fonts for the comic book because, well, the tone conveyed by fonts is subject to cultural and individual experience. The rockstar iOS developer who was working on it also happened to be Korean and when he saw the Korean localization he kinda freaked out and said, "That font is like the Korean version of Helvetica! They can't use that!"

    It's been a few years, but if you'd like, I can try to track down the name of company or I might just suddenly remember it. I do know they weren't cheap, but based on my market research, KIZ is missing out on a HUGE market for this type of game. I'm certain it would be a smash success in Asia.


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    hey Matt--

    Yeah we are actually working with some outside folks to help localize the game. Creating this thread was actually a request by some of our staff whose native languages are not English, in hopes of providing some support before we can push some localized versions out. They way M&M is currently set-up (for example most ability descriptions are done programmatically so are part of the game code) means it won't be an easy process, so it will still be a while before we can make full localization a reality.

    thanks for the feedback!

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