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    Talking Localization!

    Hey everyone--

    We realize that some concepts in Might & Mayhem might not be clear to those players who do not speak English natively. While we are beginning to explore ways to distribute the game in more languages, both the size of our team and the structure/complexity of the game won’t make the process quick and easy. So we wanted to start our efforts here, in the forums.

    While we have a number of ideas to make understanding the game basics easier to non-English speakers, our first plan is the release of a -->public document<-- explaining the abilities of equipped Items.

    We encourage players who can read & write both English and another language to begin commenting, editing, or adding their own translations to the Item ability descriptions.

    Based on your feedback, we will continue to adjust the format of this document and/or add more game docs to help build off this start. The more translations we can get here, the easier it will be for us to distribute localized versions of the game in the near future.

    We’re all big fans of Google Translate (, so please make liberal use of it to help us all understand each other a little better! Thanks!

    PS - We're posting this text below in a few different languages-- sorry if we've missed yours! Please feel free to help us out and add it below! This is an ongoing project. Any help you can provide will be invaluable!
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