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Thread: Just a couple of minor things

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    Just a couple of minor things

    Hey everybody!

    These aren't bugs - rather just a couple of things that I've noticed during my time playing M&M.

    1. Item Lock - It would be awesome and relieving if players could have a toggle button that "locked" and "unlocked" certain items. For instance, I want to hold onto my Mythic items for the perfect fighter, but am afraid that I could accidentally recycle them with a misclick.

    2. BB Removal - I've noticed there's no option to remove a battle boost once you choose one for battle. I generally go into battle without equipping one, so I'd love a little removal button (like the little red one for removing fighters).

    3. *Train All Fighters - After one of my fighters dies, I usually don't forget to train them... But when I do, I return to the game hours later and am frustrated that I can't use my best guys. I propose two possible solutions to this:

    a) An auto-train setting, which I would use since I have plenty of gold.

    b) A "train all fighters" button, right at the top of the "fighters" page and easily accessible.

    Let me know what you think!

    * These settings should never use gems to finish training, I just mean the part where you use gold to begin the training.
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