View Poll Results: 50 GEMS! What's the most important feature we should add to the game?

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  • Alliances! (Group up to take on massive bosses)

    2 25.00%
  • Better Daily Reward Options! (Orbs, Gold, Gems, Crates)

    1 12.50%
  • More PvE Content! (New Mission Chains, Bosses, Etc)

    3 37.50%
  • New Battle Modes! (Horde Battles, Boss Battles, Etc.)

    2 25.00%
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Thread: Game Feature Poll

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    Game Feature Poll

    WIN 50 GEMS!

    What do you think is the most important feature we should add to the game? Let us know and win 50 gems.

    IMPORTANT: Please note your in-game username with support id below to ensure you get your rewards! (your support id can be found in your game settings)

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    Username: EtheFree

    All of the other improvements are a big deal. Better daily rewards would be a snap to implement, so why not? Throwing a standard crate into the possibilities would be great!

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    My username in game is Fusions

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    Don't know about the "most important" feature, but here's one that I haven't seen mentioned yet.

    I'd love to have a chat function available during matches. The emoji system is cute and fun - it doesn't need to be removed, but I think some more options for communication would be awesome.

    Even if they're restricted to a group of pre-determined phrases (ie. "Nice move!" or "Good luck!"), it would be nice to be able to comment to some degree.

    Honestly, there's little need for this kind of system currently, but as soon as Alliances are released, we will want to be able to discuss each battle while it's happening.


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    Silhouette....I think the ability to unequip items would enhance the game greatly. Take so long to get a five star item put it on the wrong you have to find the item again.and or the ability to buy the five star item that you want.

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    Alliances for sure

    Username: Bruh

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    I think alliances would be the best addition. Team game modes always seem to make games better. USERNAME: BangBoom

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