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  • Alliances! (Group up to take on massive bosses)

    2 25.00%
  • Better Daily Reward Options! (Orbs, Gold, Gems, Crates)

    1 12.50%
  • More PvE Content! (New Mission Chains, Bosses, Etc)

    3 37.50%
  • New Battle Modes! (Horde Battles, Boss Battles, Etc.)

    2 25.00%
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Thread: Game Feature Poll

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    Even if the poll is closed i would like to suggest some feature that can be added to the game. I hope you will read this :-)

    Search for Alliances.
    At the moment we can only search for Alliances when we are not part of one. It would be great if the Search botton was always aviable.
    My suggestion is to add a Search button -wich opens the search page- above the Alliance castle in the home, right next to the "enter" button)

    Kick messages.
    Some times people are kicked not because they dont behave properly, but because the alliance is full and u have to accept a friend or another player.
    It would be great if the capitains and the leader could write one or two lines to the player, while kicking him.(someting little bit differnt from the private chat, just a little message that you read while looking at the kicking advice. -i've never been kicked -yet- so i dont exaclty know how it works)

    Clan messages.
    i mean the pink message above the alliance chat.
    It would be great if it could be edited by capitains, not only leaders.

    Selling/exchanging objects and fighters
    Possibility to deal object, fighters and resouces (gold and the other one) between members of the same alliance

    Alliance of Alliances.
    Or something like that.
    I kept this as last beacause i think it is the most complex and less defined feature i'm going to propose.
    I mean, is it possible to make a sort of group of alliances? Example. If I am the leader of an Alliance called UNSTOPPABLE (just to say), and i have 3 capitains and 6 members. We are full. We might plan to expand ourselves. Two of my capitains might go and create a new Alliance, called UNSTOPPABLE 2.0, or UNSTOPPABLE ACCADEMY but those two are only bound by the similar name. So the propose is to add a feature wich allows an alliance to "officialy" join a group of alliances. In this groups there should be a Leading Alliance, which decides to accept or deny acess to another alliance (ex. UNSTOPPABLE 3.0)
    You can also decide to give some sort of advantage for each alliance that joins the group.
    2 alliances: In the alliance battle, other alliance's players -if fighting theyr battle- are counted as ally (gaining better boosts as guardinas, heales or attacker)
    3 alliances: ...
    5 alliances: ...
    10 alliances: possibility to sell/exchange items and fighter between the members of the leagued alliances
    in this way u can ask people on the forum wich alliance benefit they like most to be added

    Anyway great job. i downloaded the game few days ago and i do really like it.
    I hope my advice will be considered and, if shared, added to the game (at least some) :-)
    If my english is not understandable just say it to me, i will try to explain myself better.

    Support Id: 306442

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    Thanks for the comments, RABARBAROSPO. Glad you're enjoying the game! We're always considering new features. You've got some good ideas here!

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