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Thread: Post Friend Codes Here

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    Post Friend Codes Here

    If people don't chat and they're not either in the top 10 on the LB or near you on the LB, you can't friend them.

    I definitely want to be able to at least say, "GG" after arena fights when applicable.

    So, I'm "E the Free" in-game and my friend code is:



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    My IGN is Gartacus.

    Friend code: UYTGMMGE

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    Newbie looking for friends!?
    User name is Lumpkin
    Friend code is XTSGNFEG

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    My ID: is CaptSno

    Friend Code:UYSHDCHE
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    Add me anyone welcome TSUHEUNA

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    Add me: UUXKEXUP

    IGN: Dominus

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