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Thread: Ability selection issues

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    Ability selection issues

    Ok, I may be on to something here...

    1. Enter Elite Challenge and proceed as normal
    2. On the first attack of a given turn, try to use a battle boost (it might be specific to Noxious Glob. This did not happen when I used Poison gas in a subsequent fight)
    3. Rotate screen, select different fighters, do anything you can to get it to work. It doesn't.
    4. Use another attack.
    5. Try to use Noxious glob again. This time it works.

    (I'd said that Poison Gas didn't work in game chat. After reviewing my screenshots, I realize that it had. My mistake. Apologies.)

    Ugh. My screenshot is the wrong size. Lemme fool with it...

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    Thanks for the report, Matt.

    There is a known issue with selecting abilities-- not just with Battle Boosts. We'll be fixing this and a few other issues with a quick patch later this week.

    The issue has something to do with the game AI determining what is the optimal ability to use-- so in some cases, the AI locks you from using certain abilities because it thinks you're making a bad decision. Basically, if you were as *smart* as the AI, you wouldn't be running into any issues!

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    also-- sorry for moving your post. That "Bug Quest Challenge" thread is specific to a solid-color-in-barracks / character display pre-fab issue, which may or may not still be around. Personally, I haven't seen it in a while!

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