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Thread: Smashmuck Champions

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    Smashmuck Champions

    did the developers stop developing smashmuck champions?

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    i want the developers to keep developing the game!

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    I'd like that too but it appears that they've given up on it.

    That is the last I've heard about it and they really need to say something new.

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    I just want to know if they will ever develop the game. If they will one day resume the development of the game, I want to know when.

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    Hi. We are obviously huge fans of the game ourselves and truly believe in it. There isn't much we can say about it publicly, but there are some interesting opportunities beginning to surface for it. We are dedicated to finding a path forward for the game.

    Also, we are really sorry about the radio silence concerning SMC, but it is a necessary part of its current situation. We will always be the biggest fans of the game, as we poured a lot of hard work and effort into SMC and we all still love it!

    I hope that helps! Sorry we appear to be so secretive... Hopefully we will have more specific information soon!

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    The events ended in the sprout event, so is it possible for you to create more events.

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    Finally we can't play SMC, can we say that is really dead? Now that Might is near official launch, will you continue with SMC? what can we expect?

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    well, im playing smite, but i need SMC i miss the community and the forum is out, nobody is online :S
    Please devs say something ^^ even bad news but something.

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    SMC fans, here's the news you've been waiting for:

    More to come soon!

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