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Thread: Have you heard of Everyplay?

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    Have you heard of Everyplay?

    So I've recently become aware of a new app called Everyplay, which enables users to easily record and upload gameplay videos straight from their phones.

    It's been integrated into a bunch of games, and I have no idea if it would be possible to add to M&M down the road. But personally, I'm a huge fan of sharing game-related media, and this is a big step up from screenshots!

    Definitely worth a quick Google!


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    Hey, we've looked into Everyplay, for sure. The main concern for us right now is how adding the overhead of that sdk into the game would affect all players on all devices. Players on high-end devices likely wouldn't notice any performance issues. However, we've worked to make the game playable on a lot of older devices, and if having a service like Everyplay running on top of the game itself threatens to crash the game, it's not something we're ready to implement at this time.

    That said, it's definitely one of the avenues we're thinking about in the interest of spreading the word about our game...

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