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Thread: M&M Bulletin - April 2015

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    M&M Bulletin - April 2015

    Ahoy there, Mayhemites!

    Welcome to the latest long-overdue M&M Bulletin. As usual, our Charleston studio is hard at work on all the latest content and systems for the next update. This update will be our biggest yet, and while we’re excited to share it with all of you, we don’t want to send out anything unpolished. So we hope you can be patient with us while we make this big update our best ever!

    Here’s the rundown on what you can expect:


    Yes, we can finally say that Alliances will be postponed no longer! Alliances will allow players to join forces to battle hordes of enemies and epic bosses. Each raid battle holds the potential to discover one of 30 new items featuring a dozen new abilities, including some requested by you, our players! Horde battles will pit each player against up to 5 enemies at a time, with new fighters spawning to take the place of each KO’d enemy. Horde encounters and Alliance bosses will share KOs and damage across each battle in the Alliance. Each new battle will force Alliances to adjust their strategies, providing some tough new challenges for both new and experienced players. We will try to get some updated screen shots posted below.

    Revised Tutorial & Campaign:

    One of the big goals with this new update will be to help new players stick around for the long haul. Part of that strategy includes updating our tutorial & campaign.

    As far as the Campaign goes, that means reducing difficulty significantly in all the Watchtower & Goblin Gulch missions. Players will also not see any evolved enemies on normal difficulty until after The Urmuk. Nearly every mission has also been revised with new enemy combinations, including planned sightings of enemies who have only appeared in World Events up until now.

    The Tutorial will be kicked off with brand new animations from our cinematic superstar, Oscar C. Arenas (not to be outdone by our in-game animation guru, Mike “Fish” Yoo!). The tutorial itself will be completely standalone, so any disastrous disconnects will bring players back to where they left off. We will also be removing Swordsman & Priestess from the intro character pool. If you have any other suggestions to improve the Campaign and/or Tutorial, now is the time to give us that feedback!


    So those are the big ticket items that will make it into the next update. We’re not going to promise any specific dates at present, but you can be assured it will be here long before the first day of summer.

    Here’s some other things we have in the works for future updates:

    New Main Menu:
    This will be Kiz Studios’ spin on the town customization that many of our other competitors build their games around. We’re confident that we have the best character customization and most unique battle system on the mobile market, so don’t worry about any of that being compromised. The goal is to continually provide our players with a robust world that can be as truly singular as each of you.

    Updated World Event system:
    We want to mix up our World Events so they use the same Horde battle type that is part of the upcoming Alliance content. You will begin by battling your way through hordes of event characters, and if you can mow down enough enemies, the event Boss will show up to put you in your place!

    New Campaign Missions:
    This is stuff we have been thinking about since the origin of Might & Mayhem. But it was most important for us to complete robust features like the World Events and Alliances before we dug into more of the story missions. Now that we’ve almost wrapped up those big feature sets, as the weather gets hotter we’ll be turning our attention to the Moku Islands and all the new adventures that await us there!
    Of course we’ll also be spinning up new Alliance Raids, adding more World Events and event fighters to unlock, and digging up plenty of buried treasure and new items. So stay tuned!

    Which of these gets you most excited? What new feature, fighter, or item do you think needs to be in the game? We love our players, and we love your feedback, so give us your thoughts below!

    Your bud-in-battle,

    PS - If you haven’t seen the amazing artistry found in our promo cinematics, you’re missing out! Visit our Youtube page now!

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    This is awesome. Thanks for the update, Dan!

    I'm certainly looking forward to Alliances, and absolutely love the cinematics.


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