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Thread: recovering account

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    recovering account

    I'm trying to recover an account linked to facebook from an old phone but it Isn't working, I was just wondering if there's a way you can do it or not.

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    Hi there -- sorry for the delayed response. We found your account information (assuming your display name is JoelGee). If you would create a new account, we can clone your old information onto that new account. Just register the new account and let us know the new display name or email address associated with it. Thanks!

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    Hi there I want to start over on a new account and I'm using an iOS device, the game doesn't seem to connect to game centre, and it doesn't allow me to log out of Facebook

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    hi Shatta--

    Correct the game does not use game center. Facebook latches its social token onto your account, and we're not able change that, so fb will remain bound to the original account only. To start a new account, you need to delete the app and reinstall from the app store, then register using email. Hope this helps!

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    Hi there my referral got to level 3 and I got 1 monster box and 1 premium box from the workshop as soon as I clicked open on the monster box the game said connection error, then closed when I reopened the game I didn't have new monster or the box or the new item or the workshop premium box.. Please help

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    By the way I have 2 referrals the 1st one gave me imp I got that, it's the 2nd one that I got nothing for

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    So there's 2 known issues here: 1) there's a UI bug when a friend reaches a new castle threshold and a reward is added to your account. It initially shows a premium crate as the reward -- this was the reward before the recent update. Then the game shows a Fighter crate with the prompt to open. The only reward in these instances should be the Fighter Crate. This will be addressed in the next patch. 2) We've had multiple reports of players attempting to open the friend reward Fighter crates, but instead end up booted or the game crashes and they do not receive their fighter. This is the bigger deal, and we're actively trying to track down the issue. Any players having this issue, please email with your display name and acct ID which can be found in the Settings menu.

    Shatta-- we will investigate your account to see if we can identify the issue and restore the crates.

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    Yes that's the problem, it showed a gold monster box which to my understanding is the better box of monsters... Also the gold one of the work shop, which is the better one aswell! Do u know an ETA of when i will be credited? Because I'm quite stuck in the game and need those urgently... Many thanks and keep up the great job

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