Hello PlayStation MVPs!

I'm Corey McClammy, Community Manager at Kiz Studios, and we're inviting you to the open beta for our new multiplayer battler, Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT). Be one of the first in the world to crack skulls in TGT with early access on the PlayStation 4 system. By playing the game and providing feedback, you will help shape TGT into the best game possible.

We would love to hear about your interstellar-combat experience. Give us feedback, and talk to the dev team HERE on the Kiz Studios Forums. Every week there will be a new topic up for debate—be sure to check in often. And don't forget to livestream your insane battles to prove to the universe you're the most dangerous player on this or any other planet.

The PS4 system hasn't seen a game like this before, and we're excited to bring the tournament into your homes with this Open Beta. Thank you for your help and support. See you in the arena!

About TGT

TGT brings the weirdest, wildest fighters in the universe together to battle in intense 4v4 matches. You customize your Champs, tweak their abilities, and play how you want in 3 unique, action-packed game modes.

TGT Features:

● Free-to-Play Multiplayer Combat

● 100+ Power-Ups, 60+ Skins and Emotes, 30+ Weapons

● 3 Game Modes Across 6 Battle Arenas

● Trophies and Daily Challenges

● Competitive Leaderboards

● Ranked and Practice Game Modes

● FREE Weekly Champion Rotation

To learn more about TGT, check out PlayTGT.com or look us up on Facebook.

Note: During beta, currency, characters, and items will be available for purchase. Any purchases you make during beta will carry over into the full release. At the conclusion of our beta, we will reset the leaderboards in preparation for full release.