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Thread: Closed Beta?

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    Closed Beta?

    I see a sticky for closed beta that was posted yesterday, but i dont see a sign-up or i just blind or is there no sign up? would love to put my hands on this game. seems very interesting to say the least.

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    Hi! We will be distributing codes through Sony for closed beta access today. We hope to add more players to closed beta over the next week. Check back for more information as we enter closed beta.


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    Cool! Well heres hoping im one of the lucky chosen, as unlikely as it may be and many thanks for the quick response. I just found out about this game today, and i love these MOBA style games sooooooo *crosses fingers*

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    Guess I'm the first Playstation MVP to say something here? lol Currently downloading the Beta and can't wait to try it. I will definitely be giving feedback so look forward to it!

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    Welcome Renewman! Definitely looking forward to some feedback. We're not sure how quickly people will be coming into the game this afternoon so it might be a good idea to take in some solo practice if you have trouble queuing up for League or Quickmatch. This is our first time working with the MVPs so we're not sure what kind of population to expect the first couple of days.

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